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ISOP in the "The first International Demining Conference' (04/14/2012)

"The first International Demining Conference" closed at 5th Apr 2012. Different countries representatives and military affairs visited ISOP and ISOPROBOTICS room in the co-exhibition. ISOP implemented two workshops: "Mine/UXO Clearance Information Management System" and "BAC data collection by means of UPEX/EPAD". 50 persons participated in ISOP workshops and obtained attendance certificates.
Also, ISOPROBOTICS had a special robotic room in the co-exhibition of "the first international demining conference" which is a branch of ISOP Co.
In this room ISOPROBOTICS presented its newest robot and older generation of ISOPROBOTICS' robot.

ISOP presents (03/28/2012)

In The first Iran International Demining Conference ISOP will present workshops about demining fields such as:
  • Mine/UXO cleance information mangement system(Musims)
  • Battle area clearance using upex couple datalogger
  • Using Robots in mine clearance

The first Iran International Demining Conference

The first Iran International Demining Conference simultaneity with Iran seventh RoboCup Open competitions will be held 3 - 5 April in Tehran.
ISOP as the first Iranian international demining company would attend this international event. ISOP has had different international demining projects in Middle East and Far East in Asia As well as many difficult and individual demining projects in Iran.
The conference program consists of: presentation of key speeches, professional congresses and workshops, presentation of chosen papers, professional exhibitions, demining robots competition, and training seminars.
ISOP would also have rooms in professional exhibition to show its experiences, innovations and enhancements in mine action programs.
Many other Iranian demining companies will attend this international conference and have rooms in exhibition. Also Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) representatives would attend this international demining conference.

Reaching the 1st position in International robotic competitions

ISOP's Robotic team reached the 1st position in international AmirKabir(AUTCUP) and national khwarizmi robotic competitions...

The first internation conference of mobile robots

The recent advances in the field of climbing and walking robots and assistive technologies in Iran, which started around 15 years ago and winning prestigious international prizes, the Iranian chapter of CLAWAR proposes to hold the first regional workshop on mobile robots and assistive technologies in Iran.

ISOP in International Demining Conference

ISOP group having participated in this conference are going to present "Valmera Aborter Cage" as the newest invention of

Prof. Meshkati Attendance

ISOP was honored by attending and visiting Prof. Meshkati
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